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            Professional Manufacturer of Standard and Custom-Made Steel Storage and Workstation

            School Furniture  SD-01

            Products Overview

            * Adjustable & attractive design cheap single school furniture

            * Made of Wood Board metal


            * Student Desk And Chair Usage Suitable for school.
            * Function for study, reading, writing etc.
            * Structure Shipped by assembled or knock down
            * Drawer material drawer 0.6mm steel plate

            * Legs material 0.8-1.2mm square steel(adjustable in height)

            * Desk top board 18mm high density MDF
            * Surface treatment Durable powder coating finish, no harm to people and surrounding

            * Environment , no poison and side-effect, no smell when use

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            Student School furniture Specification:



            External Dimensions (mm)

            Student Desk And Chair

            Adjustable & attractive

            design student desk And Chair

            W600 x D400 x H760-670

            Please note: All dimensions are nominal. Specifications can change without notice.


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