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        Professional Manufacturer of Standard and Custom-Made Steel Storage and Workstation

        About Ofmart

        Our Factory

        Beijing Ofmart Furniture Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of steel office furniture, our products such as Filling Cabinet ,Pedestal, Locker, Book shelves ,partitions and desk system sell very well in more than 20 countries and areas.

        Ofmart Furniture invested 20 Million RMB to establish 45,000 square meters Furniture Production Base in 2002. We have imported 4 production lines from Japan and at the same time we have obtained ISO14001 International Environmental Protection Certificate and ISO9001 International Quality System Certificate.

        In accordance with the enterprise spirit of creating first class enterprise, reputational service, Ofmart furniture Co., Ltd has formed its unique style of selected material, fine crafts, fissional style, bright color and rational price. Ofmart will strive without cease to offer you a comfortable and perfect office environment and create an individual living space for you, which is our pursuit and responsibility.

        With the efforts of our R&D and Marketing Group, we hope to be your best business partner, we can supply the Best Products and the most superior after-sales service.

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