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        Professional Manufacturer of Standard and Custom-Made Steel Storage and Workstation

        (1) Our Market

        (2) Customer Feedback:

        1)“ I have cooperated with ofmart  for many years, each month I import 5pcs 40’HQ about apartment beds, I like their service, I can freely sell OEM product in America. excellent supplier!”
        ---------------- Mark from Los Angeles

        2)  “ I am Le Goff from France, I like their service, their sales team is responsible for me, I like their mobile pedestals, our local customer like it very much, they also help me space planning for our local customer, anyway I am very happy to do business with Ofmart”
        ---------------- Le Goff from France

        3) “ Hi, this is Martina, from Singapore. I am their new customer. Last month I placed a trial order to Ofmart,I like the quality of their product, I am very satisfied about that, their steel cabinet is hot sale in Singapore. Good beginning with them!!”
        ---------------- Martina from Singapore

        4) “ One of my friend said:”ofmart ‘s product quality is good, so I let ofmart do the sample for me.
        I just got the sample from their company, I am satisfied their quality, especially the mobile pedestal handle, they do it OEM for us, very good! Their sales team answer me questions simultaneously on line! Good service!!”
        ---------------- Fred from Japan

        (3) Special Services:
        We Do OEM : As a professional manufacturer, OFMART do OEM for all customers.
        Product/Size/Color/Logo/Design all can do customized.

        We Do Space Planning : Ofmart focus on office furniture for more than 12 years.We have the capability to provide space planing services to compliment and support your workflow.

        We Do On Line Service: 24-Hour Hot-Line service and professional After-sales Service Team.

        (4) After-sales Service:

        Do prompt after-sales service by Calling and E-mail.

        Guide customers installation;

        Solve the problems for customers seriously;

        (5) Warranty :
        Freely replace furniture accessories within 1 year.

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